Samson by Lisa Willard / Love Mommy

Samson came into my life at the same time my son went to live with his dad. Samson was white with brown ears and a brown spot on his bottom. He had long shaggy hair and soft brown eyes. When I saw him for the first time it was love at first sight. I could hold him in one hand. I took him everywhere with me, no one even knew. He fit in my purse and my top desk drawer. It was like having a infant child again. When he would eat or drink his hind legs would come up and he would be on his front feet only, oh what a funny sight. He had a plush stuffed toy called blue goat. He had many, he chewed them up pretty fast. He was the joy of my life. No one or animal ever looked at me like he did. He knew my heart and my every mood. His life was taken by another dog.
He will be missed!


With love my little buddy,
Lisa Willard