Jeffery Gray by Julie and Ivory / Mommy and Ivory

Jeffery came into our lives 18 years ago. He was chosen by my mom as her puppy after losing another. My dad took her to pick out a puppy. Mom was going to walk away with out a new puppy in hand, none of the puppies she saw touched her heart. That is until she started to turn and walk away and a “runt” pushed his way through the others. He was a small fat round puppy. I still remember that night when “the fat little man” went missing and I thought for sure I was going to get killed because I had left the door open. I start to cry then I felt a little wet nose touch my leg. I knew then and there Jeffery was really my dog. There was times when I would cry and Jeffery would be the one that would be there in a way only he could be.

There was one day when I was so happy. I was jumping around and he was right there with me jumping. I kept jumping and laughing just to see him do so too. He stayed with mom while I married and moved out. I would one day take my little girl to meet him and he was just so gentle with her. Later he came home to live with me again. We got tiny baby for Ivory but little did I know it was really for Jeffery. Tiny got Jeffery up and moving for years they ran and played. When Ivory was in a coma I felt Jeffery with me there in the ICU with me. I know he loves Ivory and hung in there for her. She is so much better the cancer they removed it all. The day she came home after 3 months of being gone you were so happy to see her. You loved it when she was able to play with you. Now Tiny is looking for him waiting for him to come home.

I have no way of really knowing how to tell him Jeffery will only be here with us in our hearts. I was there for him when he went today. Talking to him but they said it was for the best he would never walk or be able to play again. So I let him go to be with our Lord.


I love you old man. You will never be forgotten.
Jeffery Gray
Julie and Ivory