Jenny by Gary & Ellie Watson / Jenny


Is there room for dogs in heaven Lord,
or do they have one of their own?
Can they bring along the things
they love, a blanket, leash, or bone?

We’d really like to know
these things, since our Jenny came
to you today.
We know out Tanny’s waiting, ready to romp and play.

It’s been seven long years since Tanny left,
but we know she missed her friend.
And we know our Jenny’s a pup again,
not like she was near the end.

It is such a pity that dogs,
like us grow older Lord,
but always faster still,
So to protect her on her journey,
we bundled her from cold and chill,

And laid her on a favorite rug
with her harness and “tuggy” too.
She’ll always go to find it
when she wants to play with you.

And she’ll always feign the vicious dog
with snarls and growls, no doubt,
And will always be disappointed
after tiring everybody out.

She was a patient loving little dog,
all brindle and white with stubby tail and tippy ears,
She might be the only Bostonhuahua
you have seen in all your years.

I delivered her myself you know,
and my hands were the first to hold her
at her birth,
And my hands were the last to caress her
when we covered her with earth.

We found her a beautiful resting place
with white bud trees on a grassy knoll,
Surrounded by wild flowers, Trilliums, et al, and
close to where we stroll.

So we can always say hello to her
when we walk out to the pond,
And knowing she’ll protect the path
that we always walk upon.

So I think Lord that you can see
how much we miss our Jenny,
by our tears,
Though just a mutt,
she was so much more for fifteen happy years.

We’ll make her a marker someday
soon to commemorate the way,
She touched our lives, yet broke our hearts
when she had to go away.

We’ll plant a tree beside her grave
to show her of the bond,
To honor her memory forever
with the naming of Jenny’s pond.

So please forgive us little dog,
for though we had to part,
We want you to always remember,
you are still here in our hearts.

So maybe in the future,
when we’re all reborn somewhere,
We can laugh and play as we once did,
in eternity up there.


In eternity up there,
Gary & Ellie Watson