Jessica by Liz Hackett / mom and

Ben and Jessica as a pup
Together they will grow up.

Side by side these two will be
Living together in harmony.

Inch by inch these two grew
Once in a while Jessie would chew a shoe.

They would race, play and run
Together they would have such fun.

If he’s sad and having a bad day,
On his lap Jessie would lay.

His years in elementary school she abide
Even though he would take her down the slide.

These two are inseparable like glue
There is no way to put a wedge between these two.

His teenage years he would go out and play
By the door waiting for his return Jessie would lay.

As he grew up into his peak
She grew old, frail and weak.

He went away to college one day,
By his bedroom door Jessie would stay.

He comes home once in a while
When he does, my Jessie does smile.

She doesn’t just lie by herself on the floor,
She kisses and wags when he pets her and wants more.

Watching these two interact with each other
You can see a love like a son and a mother.

The time is drawing near,
When we have to say, goodbye Jessie dear.

What am I to do?
When I have to separate these two?

How do I make my baby see?
What has to be done is meant to be?

Her quality of life is waning fast
How long do I make her last?

When it’s time to put her down,
Ben says he doesn’t want to be around.

When that day comes, how do I explain what must be done
It’s going to make me look like Attila the Hun.

We will just have to remember them together
For in their hearts they are linked forever.

That time came the other day
In a pool of blood Jessie did lay.

I knew that saving her would be in vain
I had to end her pain.

I took her to work with me
They put her down compassionately.

I had to tell my son over the telephone
That his Jessie was no longer at home.

I wanted to hug him
And make it seem alright.

He choked back the tears on the phone
He knew it was to come.

When he came home that night
Baby was such a sight.

She stepped up for Jessie, you see
And welcomed him home with endless glee.

She tried to comfort him in her own way
But, he just couldn’t forget Jessie went away.

I saw a tear fall from his eye
My hearth broke as I watched him cry.

I held him close to me
And told him it was to be.

Jessie crossed the rainbow bridge today
For the best she had to go that way.

Think of her now and then
She will always be in your heart, Ben

Cherish the times you had, forever
In your heart she will live always and ever.

If she wasn’t in your life you see
A different person you would grow up to be.

Remember it always wasn’t this bad
Another life Jessie had.

I saw you try to pretend
that this wasn’t the end.

You have to let her go
Your heart is breaking
Just let the tears flow.

Ben and Jessica as a pup
Together they grew up.


My rescued pup from the vet clinic I work at
8, June 2004
Liz Hackett