Jewel by Heaven / Someone who loves you more than your owner ever di

Jewel was euthanized at the Memphis Animal Shelter in TN as an abandoned senior dog. I have seen many homeless and abandoned animals, but the saddest cases are those that are senior pets that have been abandoned in their final days. Pets give us years of life, love, and happiness, and we give so little in comparison. Please hug your senior pet and stay with them till the very end, for I know you have more courage than the person that abandoned dear Jewel at a shelter.

Jewel dreams and Jewel sleeps
Remembering all the memories to keep
Her joints are hurting, she shivers in fear
She wonders why her family left her here
Did they forget her? What did she do wrong?
Her journey with them has been so long
All the love she gave brought her to this place
They wiped her out of their lives without a trace
But now she’s truly loved, and instead of concrete
Jewel now sleeps with soft clouds at her feet


Wishing you peace with your Creator,
3, Aug 2004