Jiggy by Kim Bucklew / Mommy & Daddy

There was a litter of kittens born in the lumber yard at a local supply store. Only four of the litter survived as the mother cat abandoned her young. Two were adopted by a friend, two were brought to our home. We named them Jiggy and Marley and hand fed them until they were big enough to eat on their own. They played together and fought, just like true siblings. We eventually moved out of the apartment and into a home. We had children and the kittens grew into cats.
Jiggy loved being outside.

He hated most people although he would tease you into petting him and then swat at you. Each night as the children were put to bed, Jiggy would wait patiently and then emerge to sit on your lap. He would come each time you would call for him to come in at night….Unless he didn’t want to. There were nights we fell asleep waiting
for him to stroll on home.

He had a favorite chair, slept on the bed, and ran his sister off everytime. He was fed by his Dad each morning and talked to you to let him out each day. Our yard was always free from mice and chipmunks. You wouldn’t find too many birds hanging down low either. There was a time when he bit into a rodent that made him sick and we had to give him medicine. That started his hatred toward the vet office. He stayed overnight and they called in the morning and said that he would do much better at home. He never was afraid to let you know exactly what
he was thinking of you.

At the end, he developed a mouth cancer that would eventually keep him from eating. He never lost his spirit, or his spunk. He gave us each a kiss, a rub, and a look that made it okay to let him go. We will never forget Jiggy. He was full of spunk but he was always there for you when you needed him the most.


Until I see you again;
Kim Bucklew