Jimmy by Mom

It seems like just yesterday when you showed up at my door.
I didn’t know where you came from and at the time I didn’t
know why you were sent to me but I know now there was a reason.

Shortly after your arrival you became sick and your life and mine
were changed forever. We were never apart these last
10 years as you needed constant care.
You were my life my love and my best friend.
You accepted everything in life that was thrown at you.
You taught me so much and I will always Thank God that he
brought you to me.
Today is now 1 month since I said good-bye to you
and I will live everyday with the guilt of my decision to let you go.
It seems like an eternity since I held you in my arms
kissed your sweet head looked into your loving eyes
and heard your quiet purr.
The house now has an eerie silence and a cold empty feeling.
The balls you loved to bat around now sit silently in the corner
and the window where you loved to sit in the sun
is now empty.
I miss how you are no longer there to greet me at the door
or cuddle next to me in bed at night.
Every night I pray that this has been a bad dream and I will wake up
and find you with me once again but this nightmare doesn’t end
and I realize I have to face another day without you.
Jimmy you were my love and my life and nothing will ever be
the same without you.
Please forgive me for my decision to send you onto
the Rainbow Bridge but I could no longer bare to put
you through anymore.
All your life you were a fighter and never gave up but now
was your time to finally not to have to fight a battle that you
couldn’t win so I let you go.

I pray everyday you are now happy and free from any
more pain and for the day when we will once again
be together forever.

I will always love you.

Your Mom