Jimmy by Vicki / Vicki Randy Brandon Amanda Chelsea Fergie Barbie Buster and Bruce

Jimmy you were 16 years old. I am so sorry that I had to put you to sleep, but old age just caught up to you too fast over that last weekend. You watched the kids grow into the adults they are today. I have never had a pet as long as I had you Jimmy. 16 years is a awful long time, I enjoyed every single year with you, espeically the winter you loved the snow.

Everyone would say why don’t you take him in when it was winter I replied with he wants to be outside. You are a special dog and you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. It is so hard to go out by your tree. I miss hearing you bark at me when I got home or when it was time to eat. You were such a faithful dog, if I looked for a million years I would never find a dog that looked like you. People thought you were a coyote but I told them different; you were my dog. I remember the day I got you with 5 of your litter mates I rescued all of you. I was trying to find homes for all of you but no one wanted you because you looked funny. I could not have pets at my apartment but I kept you anyway. What a great decision I made. I got 16 wonderful years out of you and you did the same with me. I LOVE YOU JIM BOB.