Joan by Linda

When I first took you home you were just a small bundle of fur. You grew into a lovely but very independant cat. You very often made us laugh. You were frightened of nothing. When you were in trouble Poo Tabby would come to your aid.

Then as you got older you liked to be stroked. Your last two days on this earth were painful to watch as I tried to make you feel more comfortable. All you wanted was to sleep in the hot sun. Which you made the most of by baking in the garden. As I knelt beside you and watched as you were breathing. I knew it was time. Time for you to suffer no more. The cancer in your throat would not wait any longer. I am sorry my darling. I know that you are at peace now. We miss you and will see you one day. Until then I will say goodnight sweetheart.

Love you always..



15, Aug 2001