About two years ago I was very fortunate to have adopted a mama calico cat.

I already had a huge old white with orange tabby striped spotted tom cat .

Before we could get them both neutered and spayed of course we had a

whole parcel of baby kitties around at our house.

We found a good home for only one though. As fate would have it we were

not as lucky to find homes for the other six kitties.Where we lived out in a very

rural area in Eastern Washington we were over populated by huge dessert

type owls. The owl in piticular that we had invading our property weighed in at

at least 20 lbs. This very same owl absconded with our tom cat Better

known to those who loved him and still miss him deeply as “Spot”.

The owl also made off with “Patches” our mama kitty and two of her older babies.

WE also had one who was killed by a stray dingo mix type dog .

WE also had another one who died from infection due to snake bite

( bullhead snake) .We finally had enough and moved back to Western Washington.

My heart will forever grieve the loss of these precious little sweethearts!!!!

But now we are very pleased to say out of this multiple tragedy has come

some joy For when we moved we brought with us the only two survivors .

Their names are “Itty bitty ” and “Stubby”. Stubby(female manx hybrid)

has blessed us with three wonderful sweeties named ” Rover kitty,

Ladykins and porky cat. Rover and porky are males and Ladykins is female.

All are smart funny sweet ornery goofy and very very,very precious to

our family and not to be taken for granted.

Any one who has had a pet die has the right to give up. But please don’t

give up cause even in the midst of unimaginable tragedy can come joy .

I thank God every single day for the survivors that came from the

tragedy I’ve known !!!!!!! And I don’t really blame the owl .

He was doing what came natural to him .

But I sure didn’t care for what was a natural to him.

Sincerely ,

Mollie Poisel