Midnight Bonzi Dream

I had a dog when I was little. It was a chow he was

solid black. Everyone thought that he was a bear.

We named him Midnight Bonzi Dream.

His dads name was Bonzi and his mothers name was dream.

We called him midi for short. Which means midnight in French.

He use to sleep in my room at night cause I was afraid of the dark.

When I was asleep he would go back to the little bed that I made him

or he would sleep in front of my door. One day he started to get

real sick so we took him to the vet. He said that he had pneumonia.

The Vet said the he would keep him over night and to come pick

him up tomorrow. The next day the vet called my mom and said that

my dog had passed away. My mom waited 4 days to tell me and

I started cry in the car (we were driving home from school).

I didn’t get over it for about 3 months.

I was devastated he died April 22 1992.



Midnight Bonzi Dream