Jubilee by Karen Douglas / mom

Heart to Hand
One look at you love and I was lost
So tiny and dark, beauty beyond cost

I picked you up and held you near
Sweet little nuzzles in my ear

A shower of kisses I rained on your sweet head
the palm of my hand your warm safe bed

A perfect little heart completely at rest
My will, determined, you would receive only the best

My heart captured forever in each tiny paw
A love growing perfectly, without flaw.

Your head snuggled with trust in my hand,
Eternally bound with Love’s giving band

Whenever you grew fearful, your head sought my palm.
Cradled in my hand, your heart became calm.

At the dawn of each day, my hand sought your dark head,
As you arched up to meet me crawling out of your bed.

Together we had much to learn and much to explore,
Delights in abundance, great joy in store.

Each days agenda brought laughter and love,
Many lessons you taught me from my Father above.

Lessons about a love without measure,
How a small unruly spirit can be a priceless treasure.

You taught me of courage and joy for each day,
You taught me of silliness and abandon in play.

And then the lesson, hardest of all.
A day when your ears couldn’t hear my call.

A soft head lay in my hand, heart flown away.
Nothing to do, no way to make you stay.

I had to find the courage to loose you in love,
To send you dancing to my Father above.

Know, my Jubilee, my hand yet seeks your sweet head
and I know you will arch to meet me when I lay on my last bed.


I will love you forever my Jubilee
28, Sep 2004
Karen Douglas