Kaos by Jac / Jac

I remember the day we adopted you..you were sitting outside leashed to a pole. We took you in,though u had many problems with your health your whole life I loved you more than anything. We were attatched all the time,you went blind.. you wagged ur tail at the sound of my voice,you slept on my bed next to me on the pillow so you could feel me breathe.
We were attatched I couldnt live without you and you needed me because you couldnt see. We found out you had tumours behind your eyes which is what caused the blindned.. but you had a while to live.
I went to Scotland for a holiday and I said good-bye to you, thinking I would see you when I got back…
When I left your health degraded…. I feel as if im resposonsible for your degrading health. I received a call from my dad when I was in Scotland and he told me that you had stopped eating and were very sick and that you had to be put down.
I blamed myself for your death and if I was there you would of lived on… I didnt even get to say good-bye properly… I miss you so much right now, even though 2 years have passed and I still cry about you… I need you and I miss you and I’m sorry I wasnt there to see you go.

Kaos I’m sorry… I miss you and I will see you when my time comes….


With lots of love n tears