Katie by Tessa / Mommy

My Katie was so beautiful. She had understanding little eyes, and long eyelashes that made her look like she was an angel sent from heaven. She was so silly. She would bark at air if there was nothing else to bark at. She had curly silver and black hair that looked like pepper and salt.

We called her McScruffy because her fur was all scruffy looking. I remember this one late spring day with just the perfect weather, and we rocked in the hammock together all day long until Katie fell asleep. Every day, after school, I would take a quick run around the back yard and she would chase me. I was with my aunt at the time and my Uncle Pete would shave her fur like a poodle, and she looked so cute! She lived with 3 Shih Tzu’s. Lovey was her best friend. but Lovey had Kidney problems and when she died, Katie spent alot of time sleeping on the dirty clothes in the laundry room. She loved to be outside.

We had a fenced in run for the dogs and the pool was part of the fencing. In other words, the pool was in between the run and the rest of the yard and there was a deck to get in the pool.

Well, I was at my mom’s house one night and Aunt Lisa and Uncle Pete were putting on the pool cover. They hadn’t shut the sliding glass door all the way and Katie ran out, went up the pool deck, across the pool cover, and into the street when she was hit by a car.

I cried more than I’d ever cried in my life. Katie was the closest thing I’ve ever lost. We had a funeral for her, and I always go and say a little prayer for her and pick her some flowers. I blow her 2 kisses every night. Until we meet again, My Katie…


Can't wait to see you,