Katie Lynn Christian

My Dear Sweet Katie,

There has not been a day that has passed that I do not think of you. I miss you so much, and I love you with all my heart. I always told you that I would never leave you, and I didn’t, so please don’t ever think I did. I am still with you in your heart, as I am in your heart, and
I know your spirit is with me as well.

You have come to me in my dreams a few times now, and what sweet dreams they are. God now has your soul, and I have your spirit. We will be together again physically someday, I just know it. For I can’t wait until the day I can touch you again and look into your trusting and loving eyes. I wanted to thank you for always being there for me and never once judging me. The love you have giving me over the past ten years, I will cherish till the day I pass on. You meant the world to me and still do. I will never in all my journeys find a better friend than you.
You always stood right by my side,
whether I was crying, laughing, sick, or just lying around.

You were everything to me my Katie Lynn, my little monkey girl. You gave me the best ten years of my life, and I hope I gave the same to you in return. I miss your touch so much, that it hurts. I miss your greetings at the door, all our rides we took, all our talks and walks. You Katie Lynn, were and always will be, my serenity. You meant everything to me in this world. How you loved your squeaky toys, you had so many, and I still have them all, in fact, I sleep with your Christmas Moose that you loved so much. You were the best dog in the whole world Katie, you were so gentle, loving, and caring, you wouldn’t hurt a soul.

I know Canei had to of been so happy to see you at the Rainbow Bridge, he probably greeted you with such loving kisses, as I someday will. You were so loyal Katie, and your endless, unconditional love will always remain in my heart. I want you to keep playing now with Canei and know someday we will meet again. You had an excellent Nana and Daddy who loved you very much, and
they miss you dearly.

You and I also had an excellent doctor. Dr. Dave Brummer who loved you as well. The sympathy card he wrote to me after your passing was beautiful. It said…”Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you, I loved you so…’twas Heaven here with you” I read the card so many times Kate’s that I have it memorized, and I do laugh and talk of you as if you were beside me because I know you are.

Thank you for all the wonderful fond memories you have giving me. I love you my little angel girl, and I will never say goodbye to you, for I know that our physical separation is just temporary. Give Canei kisses for me, and know that I love you with all my heart and soul.
This poem is for you my little baby girl…….

“My Katie Lynn”
Although destiny stepped in and physically took you away
I know your spirit will always be with me to stay…….


Although I know God now has your soul forever to keep
For I miss you so, I can not help to sometimes weep…….

I know you are near, so close in my heart
There is no possible way we could ever be apart.

Knowing you are so close by, it is so comforting to me
It eases my pain, allowing me to be all I can be.

My memories of you are so dear and sweet
That is why I know someday we will again meet.

How I long for that day, when I can look into your trusting eyes and caress your loving face.
I bet your beautiful
angel wings are made from the finest lace.

I so, so long for your touch
My Katie, I miss you so much.

I miss our walks, our talks and
your special greetings at the door
And when I think of our times together,
I miss you all the more.

Just the thought of you brings a great smile to my face.
A feeling that I will forever and ever embrace.

You were not just a dog,
you were and will always be my best friend.
I will feel this way for all eternity,
right to the very end.

You were also my daughter, my little baby girl,
And since your passing,
my life has been one big whirl.

The memories you gifted and endless love you’ve given
Comfort me and help me to continue on living.

My love to you as yours to me was unconditional
A love that can never be replaced,
a love that is invincible.

A love so great, so powerful and strong,
A love two beings shared that could never be wrong.

Katie Lynn, you will forever remain in my heart,
And someday we will never again be apart.

I can not wait until the day you spot me,
and come rushing to greet me,
For we will walk side by side into glorious Heaven with such delightful glee.

Someday Katie Lynn, I will take your place,
and I know you will be waiting for me
with such care
So until then, I will live out my journey,
and soon enough my baby,
I will see you there…

I will love you forever my Katie Lynn,
Katie Lynn
26, Nov 2002
Raelene Christian

Monkey Girl
November 26, 2002
Raelene Christian