Canei Christian/Penna

Canei by Raelene

Oh Canei where on earth do I begin? We miss you so much. Your 14 years with us was so special. I can still remember when Frank brought you home. You answered to so many names Nei Nei little boy bubba and baby boy. You were the best dog in the world. Your loyalty companionship and love can never be replaced. Canei there has not been a day that has gone by that we do not think of you and when we do we always smile. You never let us down and I hope that we never let you down as well.

You brought us joy comfort laughter tears and fond memories that will live on forever in our hearts. You will always be a part of us Nei. As your memory lives on so do you. Katie misses kissing you and driving you nuts. We all miss you baby and I want to thank you for always being a good dog. You were not just a family pet
but our best friend as well.

You rest now with God I know that God will always take care of you. Your in good company with Rusty and we send you both lots of kisses and hugs. We will all meet up together again someday Canei and know you will always
live in our hearts forever.

We love you Canei.

Mommy Daddy & Nana

24, June 2001

Nei Nei
June 21, 2001
Raelene, Rose Mary Christian & Frank Penna Jr.