Sweet Kayla, my love.

Kayla was about 3 years old when she was discovered abandoned and starved in a back yard.

When you first came in my rescue, you were in horrible mental and physical condition. You would pee in your bed and sleep in it, never even knew it any other way. You were shy, withdrawn and fearful. Being def did not help either.

We worked hard on all of this, didn’t we girl. It took you a year or so before you stopped sleeping in your pee, I almost thought I wouldn’t see the day. You got that Bull terrier spunk back and got more active. It must have been 2 years in when I saw you the first time doing Bull terrier Zoomies in the yard.

I was so happy that day. So happy to see you happy…

It was the last time. A few days later you started acting strange, wouldn’t get up much. The vet wasn’t really sure what could be wrong and we tried some medications, but it just got worse.

Further tests showed you had Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Your body had begun to eat you.

We fought! We fought so hard. 2 one week stays at the vet, fluids, meds, supplements. I fought so so hard for you. But a few weeks later it became clear, you were not getting better.

I felt it when I took you to the vet that day, that you would not come back home.

He said the very medication you need to fight the autoimmune, was destroying your liver…..

You were shutting down…

I will never, ever forget you and cherish every day we had….

Rest now and come meet me at the bridge my love.



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