Tirian & Peanut

Tirian, sweet sweet gently boy! Peanut, my gentle mama.

You, your mother and your brother managed to dig out of the fence that fateful night.

Only your brother came back. You must have crossed the highway close together. You never had a chance to be seen

in the middle of the night. Barely 18 months old, you were my sunshine. Always a perfect gentleman, well behaved, soft and cuddly. An innocent, sweet little boy. Had it not been for that skin condition you struggled with, you surely would have been adopted when your siblings were, many months before.

I take solace knowing you never saw it coming, neither of you suffered. I finally found a wonderful home for your brother. I have no doubt he is very happy. After all, he will have to make the best of life for all 3 of you!

Love you boy!

See you both at the bridge!!

Rainbow Dogs