Kellie Hubbard by Farley & Susan Hubbard / Mommy

I first came into Kellie’s life when I moved in with her Dad. Not only did she have to get used to a “new” Mom but also a 6 year old boy and a parakeet. She adapted quickly to life in a larger family and soon became my shadow. Every step I took, Kellie was one step behind me, always looking for me, always watching.

She even began to get possessive of me, barking if anyone was to hug me. Funny, she had been with her Dad for years before me, yet suddenly it appeared that only I could be hers. We noticed a change in Kellie this weekend, her 17 years were to come to an end, one thing I wasn’t ready for, perhaps never would have been.
Funny, some people don’t think the loss of a pet should be felt so deeply. Sad when you think of it, if only they could know the enormity of the unconditional love between a human and an animal. I consider myself priveledged to have such a wonderful, compassionate, loving, gentle animal for my companion. I was never alone, never afraid, always assured that she would be one step behind me, and now nothing but silence.
Her life will live on in our memories, but selfishly I would give anything to have one more day with her.
Nothing can replace her within our hearts, she is and always will be “My Shadow”.


Now there is just quiet
Kellie Hubbard
Farley & Susan Hubbard