KiKi by Hollie / mommy

KiKi was the most loving cat anyone could have. My mom picked her up for me at her newspaper costumer’s house. When I seen her all tiny and huddled up underneath my bed when I came home from school I knew she was gonna be my best friend through the years to come. When i would fall asleep at night she would give me a gentle lick on the face and huddle next to me and purr all night.

Then one day I was riding in the car with my mom and i happened to look in a old abandoned parking lot I seen a lump and I said oh mom a goosey died! She looked and said are you sure that’s not KiKi and I said no I seen her before we left. Well we went home and I looked for her for an hour and I told my mom that her and my sister could go look to see if it was her. They came back with the news it was her. I was so devastated that it was her when they brought her home I couldn’t stop crying. When my dad got home her buried her in the backyard next to my window so we could still feel close together.


I know when I get to heaven my KiKi will be there.