Kiki by Keri / Everyone

It was in the late summer. My mom was on the porch drinking her coffee, and she saw this little tiny white thing running around in our barn. She didn’t know what is was. She put her coffee down and went to look in the barn. She couldn’t find it but she tried. So she told me. I got so happy. So, I ran up to my brother Chris and he came down. We all looked in the barn together. We saw her and she was fast. We couldn’t catch her. She ran past my feet but she is too fast.

We went inside and my mom went out and put cat food and milk out and hopefully she has come to that. The next day, my mom went out to see if the food and milk was gone and it was!! But no kitty. When my dad got home, we told him what we saw. He suggested to get a save-a-heart squirrel trap and put tuna fish in it. My dad did.
My friend was over the next day. I told her what we saw and she was surprised. We played a little and than we went to bed. The next morning, we got breakfast and we went out to see if the kitty was there. And we saw a little black and white thing in the cage. We ran to it and we were trying to pet her but she kept on trying to take out donuts. So, we snuck her a tiny piece and she ate it. We were playing with her awhile. It was so fun. We realized that all the tuna fish was gone too. She must had been really hungry. We ran to my mom and told her. She came over and looked at her. She said “she’s so cute”!

When my dad woke up, we told him and he got the regular kennel and tried put her in it but he couldn’t because he didn’t know if she had rabies and he didn’t want her to bite just in case. He kept on trying but still he couldn’t do it. He told me if will try later. He went inside and watched T.V. My friend and I tried to do it and we made a plan for it. And we did it!!! We got her in the kennel.

We ran to my parents and they said “awwwwwwwwww”. My dad looked at her and he thought she didn’t have rabies so he took her out and she could fit in the palm of his hand. He held her for a little bit and put her back. We brought her inside and we put her in the corner.

We thought she couldn’t stay down there so we brought her up to meet our other cat Crier and we put in the bathroom and she stayed in there. We played with her awhile but It was getting late so we had to go. We said “good night to her” and went to bed.

She likes Crier and they get along great. She lookes up to him and they are so cute. And we named our kitten, Kiki. She is so cute and tiny! My dad has a laser and when he shines it, she gets all hyper and tries to eat it and follows it. She eats so much but she is still really skinny. And Crier is 5 years old and they act like brother sister. We love her and she loves us. and she just turned 1 but she hasnt changed one little bit!
We still love her!


We love you!