Kiko by Christina and Mary / Tia

Gift of Love

We walked to the cage filled with precious little puppies, but our heart sank when we saw you. You were a bundle of golden fur with the warmest brown eyes that spoke to us. You were a little bright star among the sea of black puppies. Your eyes told us, you wanted to be our Gift of Love.

From the moment I nestled you in my arms, the love I felt for you was instantaneous.

You grew up to be our ‘Protector”. You were handsome and strong, but always our baby boy. You gave us unconditional love, and brought so much joy and happiness to our house.

So Baby Boy, when you decide its time to leave us, just know that you were loved so much, and you will be in our hearts forever. People say, how can animals have souls, but I truly believe they do. So my peace will be to know that your spirit will be with us every day. I will see you in all your favorite places. I will feel your spirit in a warm summer breeze when I am sitting outside thinking how I wish you were here. But I will ease my sadness by knowing your spirit will be there with me, telling me not to be sad. I know you will always be our ‘Protector’. So Baby Boy, your spirit cannot be erased. You doggie soul will be in every nook and cranny of YOUR home.

I just know one day, we will all meet again,

Be happy, run and play among all the other animals that people have loved and cared for.

You will always be our Gift of Love.


You will never be forgotten
9, Apr 2006
Christina and Mary