Kippie by gary and toni / mommy and daddy

The sweet little kisses, the snuggles to my back,

Lord, you know I’ll miss that.

The way you smiled when I rubbed your tummy,

your almost ability to talk,

that was funny.

The way your fresh brushed hair would turn all

springy, just like wool, was a joy to see.

Your little black eyes, your sweet pink tounge,

even the gap between your teeth, it was all that

was beautiful to me.

The best friend I ever had,

the best listener, whether good news or bad.

The love you gave, so free, so true,

these are only the tiniest portions of what

I’ll miss about you.

There are no words, only feelings from the heart;

what a circle, going back to the start.

I love you more than it’s possible to say,

and can only dream of our meeting again one day.


Kippie Dog Strait, my heart is always yours, little man.
31, Jan 2006
gary and toni