Kirby by Herman & Georgean Unger / Georgean and Herman Unger

Sweet Kirby, sweet Boo, as we called you. It was a miracle the way you came into our lives. We drove around the neighborhood and saw you in your yard. An elderly man was your master. We looked forward to seeing you and you were always there. Since we did not know your name, we called you “Faithful” – always there.

A year later we did not see your master or you for awhile and something did not seem right. We remembered seeing your master’s wife’s picture in a local paper. An obituary in the paper told us that your master had passed away and we knew we wanted you. We wrote to your master’s wife and she talked to her daughter and she gave you to us. One of the happiest days of our lives. You were 8 years old and we loved you from first sight. Tug of war was so much fun and hide and go seek. You loved to hide and run out. So special you were, sweet Kirby.

One of us is gone now too and with you, but I am here and still love you. Your sweet spirit taught our new dog Roscoe (mini black poodle just like you)so much. He went near your urn when we first got him. Your kisses and sweet ways live on in my heart. We cried together for days when you left us. We will all be together, playing like we used to. A sweet adopted child – you were so special. Even after your sight failed, you still had fun. You loved snuggling in a blanket with us. I love you my Kirby – now you can find daddy and someday mommy too.

Daddy Herman, Mommy Georgean,
First Mommy Julie love and miss you!


Eternal Love and Kissums Boo,
12, Feb 2003
Herman & Georgean Unger