Jet by Debbie and Mike Jennings / Mommy


My little angel, I love you so much and I always will. You will be in our hearts forever. I miss you so much. I miss you cuddling up with me a night when it is bed time. I miss your little fussy cheeks brushing against mine. I miss your big, bright eyes, I just miss everything about you. I know that your passing had a purpose now. but, at the time of your death it just seemed so unfair. You see, Gabriel has not been sick anymore since you passed. I know that you gave your precious little life in exchange for Gabriel’s precious life.

To my Little Angel – Jet,
If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane, I’d walk
right up to heaven and bring
you home again…

To all of you who read this, the story of my Little Jet is one of supreme sacrifice. My 7 year old grandson, Gabriel was diagnosed with a heart murmur, asthma, and an underlying sinus infection. He just never seemed to get better. Jet suddenly started to have the same symptoms that Gabriel was having and as it would have it, when I took her to the Vet he diagnosed with asthma. As days went on, she got sicker and weaker, and Gabriel got better.
The Vet x-rayed Jet and the results was alarming. She had a hugh mass that was so large that you could not see her heart on the x-ray. The vet explained then that she only had about 30% capacity in her lungs. That was on May 4th, 2005. She passed on May 6, 2005. My grandson is better and
shows no signs of asthma, or any ailments.

Jet, my little angel, We will always love you. And you will always be remembered. You touched our lives in a way that nothing else has. You left your “Little paw prints on our hearts forever”.


6, May 2005
Debbie and Mike Jennings