Kitty by Cindy


I opened my front door
as the rain poured down.
There you sat so patiently
waiting to be found
As I looked into
your unfamiliar eyes
You looked as me so sweetly
waiting for my reply
I took you in for
“just one night” fourteen years ago
to keep you safe and warm
I clearly remember
your head near my pillow
as I gave you shelter
from the storm
You purred as if you knew me
and I loved you from the start
Somehow with your innocence
you simply stole my heart
Sara really took to you
our Lab who loved all
You often rubbed your
little head against her brow
although she stood so tall
Many years ago I remember well…
The day you came into our home
which you grew to know so well
Your favorite places
you like to lay
Ribbons that I strung
for when you wanted to play
But now you sleep most
of the time and
I haven’t for so long
seen a smile on your face
I keep praying for a miracle
that you will return
to that “happy” place
I love you my sweet Kitty and
really cannot bear
The suffering you endure…
I cannot be that unfair
To have you stay with me
for moments at a time
To wonder if you are in pain
or perhaps this day
you may feel fine

Rest now my little Kitty
rest peaceful through the night
So thankful for the time we shared
So thankful for your life.
For every pet we have will be like no other. There will never be a replacement of that love. I will cherish the memories of Kitty for only I can hold on to the bond we had. I will remember her in health and comfort and smile when I see her beautiful green eyes looking at me.



15, Oct 2001