Kitty by Karen

For Kitty

Today my heart has lost its song-
for I lost my long-time friend.
We’d known each other for so long
I thought our time would never end.
Not an ordinary friendship
but a special one you see-
My best friend was my Kitty
and she meant the world to me.

For fourteen years we shared a love
that’s not like any other.
As a babe she came to me and
I became her mother.
Through thick and thin we shared the years and
shared a lifetime too.
I pause now to remember
all the funny things she’d do:

My home was never empty
when I returned from work each day
For there would be my Kitty
to greet me and to play.
At mealtime we dined together
but she was never rude.
Not even when she stood there and
begged me for MY food.
A connoisseur my Kitty was
she’d have whatever I had.
Whether caviar or shrimp or soup-
to Kitty no food was bad!

The evening we would spend together
as we tried to unwind.
So patiently she’d wait for me
by the door each night at nine.
As into bed I’d crawl each night
I never had to worry
For at my feet there would always
be a spot so warm and furry.
When the grandkids came to visit us
Kitty would welcome them.
No matter what they’d do in play
she give in to all their whims.

She was the best cat I ever had
and I loved her with all my heart.
Now as think about her
the tears never fail to start.
And I know that up in Heaven
there’s a special place you see-
For all the beloved animals
like the one God sent to me.
I know that my dear Kitty
will be waiting there above
And until the day I join her
she’ll be watching me with love.

¬Wendy S. Madison 2001



20, May 2001