Ko-ko by Yeon Jin

I remember, when I first got her, she was a small puppy, in a litter of many from my uncle’s dog, Arora. She was a cute little puppy and I wanted her as my pet. She had a disability though, she couldn’t use her hind legs at all. She could only move with her front legs. My mom wanted to give her away and keep the two other dogs we brought with us from my uncle’s dog’s little. But I refused to give her up since I really wanted her. So, my mom helped her try to get her legs back by attaching bandages and everything. She soon learned to use her legs properly. I named her in memory of my dog that died of a illness that could’ve been cured but I was too late to save her..Ko-ko.

After a few months, I had to leave Ko-ko, I never had a chance to see her grow. 3 months I spent in another country and, when I came back, she was a pretty grown dog and I couldn’t reconize her. I also found out that one of her brother’s that we brought from my uncle’s dog’s litter had run away a little while after we left. So there was only Ko-ko and her other brother, Dewy. In about 1 year, Dewy ran away also. Ko-ko was the only one who stayed with me. I spent time with her when I could…Or when I remembered, but whenever I did talk to her, she understood me, and I knew she understood when I asked her to promise to always stay with me. She stayed.. She had two litters of puppies and was a wonderful mother to them.

Unfortunately, one day, she disapeared…I thought that, like she did when she was going to have her puppies, she would run off somewhere and not come back untill they were born..I thought she would come back. My friends told me to put up search signs, but I knew that Ko-ko would return on her own, and she wouldn’t have run away because no matter what, she would always come back, but she didn’t..She never came back. But I knew that she didn’t run away, but to this day..I still couldn’t find her, and there was countless numbers of possibilities of what could’ve happened to her because of where I live, like she could’ve been killed by wolves.

Ko-ko, she was my favorite most beloved dog and she was also clever. She was lovable and I loved her very much. I miss her, I wish I spent more time with her…I love you Ko-ko, I wish that you were still here …you were the only dog that stayed of your siblings and you were the only one who stayed with me for so long.

I’ll never forget you…Ko-ko


Yeon Jin