Korky by Pam And Bresa / Your Mother and Other Mother


We remember bringing you home that day.
I didn’t really want you at first
After the third time of your other mother saying
How about this one
I said ok I will tell you what, I will put him on the Floor and rough house and if he rough houses back he can come. Home with us – You did the right thing!!!!!

We brought you home.
One filled with love, you curled up on your pillow and we never heard
A word out of you.

You was small and feisty an independent sorta guy. You definitely had a mind of your own!! We couldn’t help but laugh at you
Especially the time we put your first sweater on
You didn’t want any part of that.

We took you to work every day and you was content, once you heard the words “Thank
You and God Bless The United States of America”
on the computer
You knew it was time to go home.

Every one that met you, had all the same words to say, what a cute puppy, you was called a puppy even when you was full grown, you just had that puppy look. As someone described you was always a little package of independence, bravery and
love wrapped in a warm fuzzy coat.

We will miss you LB, and you will live in our hearts forever – Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge – You may be gone but will never be forgotten.


Pam And Bresa