Kresh by Justin Taylor / Goodbye

I “rescued” him from a very bad place. Very poor tank, wrong food, and no UVB lighting (essential for reptiles). I took him home and got him a large tank and filter and water heater, etc.

He was very sick with MBD because of the lack of knowledge and care for him that he was given. I got him calcium and crickets and proper turtle food. He was too sick and it was too late. It got to the point where he couldn’t eat, walk, or even open his eyes…then, very soon after…maybe a day or two, he passed while I was away. He was a living thing, very kind and smart, that was needlessly killed because of the lack of knowledge most people have.

They are not “easy money” or even “kid pets”. They take alot of special care that most people are not willing to give. Please, for their sake, learn about your new responsibility and friend, before its too late. I will miss him. I named him “Kresh”, and loved him very much.
I hope wherever he is, he’s happy.


I will miss you,
Justin Taylor