Kui by Grace / Mommy & Snowflakes

Kui was the first dog I ever had. She was my baby, my best friend and true companion. She was always by my side whenever possible. Even if she was nervous in the car, she always was willing and happy to go riding with me. Every day when I would come home from work, she would bark when the garage door would open, as to say “Mommy’s Home”. She gave me unconditional love. She had a heart condition, but she still chased after cats and ran all over the place.

On 10/14/05 Kui started a hacking cough, I took her to the doctor they sent her home with antibiotic and cough medicine. On 10/28/05 I notice she wasn’t eating or drinking and she was throwing up yellow mucus thought she had a stomach virus. Took her to the doctor and they took lab work and sent her home with stomach medicine. That evening Dr. called her enzyme level was high. I could watch her at home or bring her in. I took her in that evening. I visited with her on Sat with Snowflakes (Kui’s sister). Next day they took lab again and the doctor said her enzymes number was going down. A good sign. I visited with her on Sunday. Took some camera phone pics of her and carried her to look out the window and spent quality time with her that day. I thought she was on her way to recovery. I asked the doctor if I could bring a massage person to help her get better. Doctor said ok and I made the appointment first thing Mon morning. Monday morning I got a call from the doctor saying that Kui passed away, they assumed early that morning since her body was still warm. Doctor saw Kui that Sat night at 10:30PM and notice Kui wasn’t doing well. I wished she had called me. I could have spent her last hours with her. Dr diagnosed her death due to kidney and/or heart failure.

Wish I had more time & did more for you, Kui.
Mommy & Snowflakes love and miss you so much.

Rest in peace Kui. Until we meet again…….


With all our Love,