Lacey Jay by Randy, Mary Powell & Sons / Mommy, Daddy, Joey & Michael

What I Am Going To Miss

I can’t remember a day when you weren’t there,
Looking at me with that gentle stare.
You never wanted more than a little of my attention,
And now I regret when I didn’t give all I had.
I am gonna miss you when your out of my life,
But things are sometimes hard but now you’ll have no more strife.
This is what I am going to miss.

I don’t know what I am gonna do,
When everyday I don’t get to come home to you.
I am gonna miss you licking my face,
Even when I wanted everything to just get away.
I know your eyesight is failing,
And I know your ears are too.
But you always knew when I walk through that door,
And you always seemed to look and give a sigh of relief that I was ok.
This is what I am going to miss.

You always gave me someone to talk to,
And cry on even when I couldn’t go to anyone else.
I am gonna miss you when your gone,
Every night when I lay down I am gonna see those huge brown eyes stare,
I am gonna see you laying beside the couch, and laying beside me on the floor.
But most of all what I am going to miss,
Is the way you would always give me a goodnight kiss.
Every night I would lay down I always got at least one good lick.
This is what I am going to miss.

Now when I give you, your final kiss I want you to know,
That no matter how long I live without you here.
I will always remember the things you gave me,
The good times you shared with me,
And the hard times you helped me through.
I love you, you are my best friend and we will have even more good times,
When I make it to the other side.
You will able to play ball again,
And run with me again.
Lacey, you are what I am going to miss.

Written By Joey, Nov 20th, 2004


We will always love you sweet girl,
Lacey Jay
16, Dec 2004
Randy, Mary Powell & Sons