Lady by Jennifer / Mommy love you

Lady was rescued from a dog pound a month prior to her death. Its actually kind of funny in a way since I rescued her
from being put to sleep.

Lady was the best dog you could have I can still remember the day I brought her home and gave her a flea bath she was covered in them and her beautiful fur full of burs and had to be cut. She cried and I kept telling her that it was okay and it would grow back soon.

She was very scared and unsure of everything for the first few days I even snuck her to bed when my husband was sleeping he never knew until she started jumping into it on her own then he would move his feet and call her a Queen.

Lady’s favorite thing was to have her belly rubbed if I was busy she would cry until I rubbed her belly but not an annoying cry just one that got her sympathy. Everyone that entered the house fell in love with her.

The funniest thing was I would reward her for listening by giving her a dog bone and she didn’t eat them right away she would go and hide them. Then when she had enough she would eat them, we always found them everywhere and still am.

Lady’s life came to a tragic end when a woman was driving down the street to fast and not paying attention. Yes it was my fault to because I didn’t hook the leash and she got away from me. But she was running home when she was struck by the car. All I could do was scream while I watched when I got to her I thought she would be fine she was looking at me and I was assuring her I would be here for her and we would make her all better. They couldn’t make her better at the vet the damage was to severe and they put her to sleep before I could even get there.

Now she’s gone her life with me way to short but the love she brought will carry on forever in my heart.


Rest in Peace, Lady,