Lady by Robin E. Casey / Your mom

I will never forget the first dog of my own. Lady “Lily” of Allston Lane was to be here name. I was just 14 years old when I got her at 6 weeks old and just about to begin my first day in high school. I went to pick her out of the litter of 5 or so puppies. I got to choose from the last 2 available at first her owners wanted to keep her since she loved to sleep with them but I fell so in love with her beautiful white face.

We loved going on walks together and she would get so excited even if you said the word “walk” or see her leash. Even on her last day she still would wag her tail at the sign of her leash even though she couldn’t hear well anymore. We tried puppy obedience and wanted to show her in a dog show but she was a very stubborn puppy and was considered to have failed the class.

Well, that was fine with Lily she loved to do her own thing such as make my mom mad by digging up flowers and the yard. Her favorite thing while she was young was to jump over the large rocks in the yard. As she got older she had a another dog to share the yard with and then again later when I married. This time she had a boy dog to share her life with. Shiner loved her and would give her kisses
even on her last night with him.

I know she is in a better place now and
not suffering from the pain of arthritis or cancer.
I will always love you Lily.


With Love,
Robin E. Casey