Lady Lee by Hitchcock


"Lady "Byrd Lou-Lou Lula Bell" Lee Hitchcock "

Oct. 4 1998


My Life As A Doberman


Why oh why did this happen to me?

I love both my parents as much as can be.

They saved me from death at the local pound.

Three years later I have liver disease and My life is spun ‘round.

To where I began looking in the eyes of death.

My Mommy and Daddy are sad as they anticipate my last breath.


Once I had an accident that broke my leg in two.

But Mommy Daddy and Dr. Redding fixed it good as new.

There have been so many things we've done;

And though death is near I wouldn't trade a one.


My Mommy Daddy and I have had lots of fun.

We've gone to Clear Creek and played in the sun;

And to the baseball field to let me run.

So really you see they love me tons.


That's why they are doing all they can.

Every night they pray and place me in God's hands.

They trust God but still wonder why?

It seems like every time I look at Mommy she cries.


But it will all be over soon and I'll feel better.

Mommy and Daddy will be sad but I'll feel like a feather;

Floating with Angels in Heaven that are singing and saying,

"It's Lady Lee Hitchcock the Doberman; and look she's playing!"



-Heather Hitchcock

September 15 1998

For Lady "Byrd Lou-Lou Lula Bell" Lee Hitchcock

(diagnosed with Chronic Active Hepatitis {Liver Disease}

on September 9 1998 and passed away on October 4 1998)



Lady Lee