Lakota by Cindy Packard / mama

Kota Coo,

It’s been 1 month today and I still ache as if it were today. Mama misses you so. You will live forever in my heart, sweetie. I am so sorry you had to spend the last night of your life here on earth at the vets. Mom knew how scared you were. I was so devastated when Dr. Orr said your kidneys were not working.

You have always been here with me for times like this in my life, and now you’re gone, things will never be the same until I hold that beautiful face in my arms again. I hope you ran into Boss at the bridge. She was a good friend to you when you were a baby. God speed, baby girl, until mama meets you at the bridge. I’ll always love and miss you.


Forever in my heart,
10, Jan 2006
Cindy Packard