Lakota Dream Catcher by Carol Rescue Mom / Rescue Mom Carol

I found Lakota Dream Catcher as a weanling standing alone in a field by his mother. He nudged me with his head and all I saw was his beautiful blue eyes and an unconditional love that we both shared for each other. He had a great desire to do all that I asked of him and showed a kindness and love to me that I never thought I’d find in the stallion. When I was feeling down I would go to the barn and he would always be a clown and make me laugh. Loosing him has left a large hole in my heart. I tried everything to save him but nothing the vet and I did worked. He died with his head on my lap Xmas day with a tear in his eye and he whinnied at me for the last time.


With Love,
Lakota Dream Catcher
Carol Rescue Mom