Lakota Lynn Christian

Dear Lakota,

We had a beautiful 15 years together didn’t we. I definitely wanted more time with you, but I can’t be selfish, as God gave us so many truly wonderful beautiful years together. I will be forever grateful for all the time he gave us. Oh Cody, my precious little girl, you are so missed and loved. Nana and I miss you terribly, but we know you’ve been reunited with your sister Miracle, and we know you two are playing together right now. I bet that reunion was so wondrous! The day Nana and I put you to sleep, I put my face on your head, and when I did this, I seen you and Miracle as clear as day. It was like Miracle came down from Heaven to get you, she came instantaneously, and I know this was such a blessing from God. Oh how Miracle adored you, she looked up to you so much, and she loved you so much… were a wonderful sister to her, and taught her many things….

We had so many good times together, and you were, and always will be, my agility queen. You were a champion, and you won so many ribbons, and you were so fast, so agile, and you were quick to learn the agility course and everything for that matter that I taught you. You were so smart, so very smart. You were Lab/Beagle mix, and during agility tournaments, the snooty people at the tournaments would look at us like yeah right, what is that dog going to do. That’s a mutt, well, I’m here to tell the world, my “mutt” beat their dogs’ butts on that course, and they NEVER underestimated YOU again… I remember the first tournament you won. It was in Port Byron, NY, and Nana and I took you, and we stayed overnight. You came in first place, and you won your first ribbon, and you won a stuffed animal. Oh Cody, you were so proud of that stuffed animal, you kept that stuffed animal in your mouth the whole car ride home, I will never forget that, and I have pictures of it that I will cherish forever. You loved the agility equipment Nana and Pa made for you, and your backyard was like its own agility course when I set it up. Oh Cody, when I think of you, I just smile, and I’m so thankful for all the years we had together. When we adopted Miracle, we gave up the tournaments and just stuck to doing agility at the house, and I’m glad, as you and Miracle really enjoyed it at home, instead of those tournaments.

Nana surprised me, and adopted you from the animal shelter, and when I came home from work, we were having dinner, and she slid over your paperwork and tag to me at dinner time. I remember this like yesterday, and I went right to the store and bought you what you needed as you were NOT sleeping one more night in that place. I will NEVER forget when we seen each other, you wagged your tag so happily and you were like looking at a slice of Heaven. We bonded instantly, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You were and always will be my baby girl, my precious little Cody. You never left my side when I was sick. We went through so much together and I only have good, beautiful, fond memories of you…..and oh yes, I’ll never forget how you LOVED to dig, we still have some holes that you dug…..I think of it now and it makes me sad, but happy at the same time…..mommy would go and fill the holes, and you would just make another……that’s where your name “mud pie” came from, and how you loved to eat the mud… were so funny Cody……so, so, so sweet and loving……

Our agility time, oh how that was “our” time. I miss seeing you run the agility course, and as you grew old, you still did agility up until you were about 14 or so. Everyone was amazed at how you’d still soar and jump over the jumps. I decided to “retire” you at about 14, which, is amazing. Oh Cody, you and your kong, you loved your kong. We’d play with it after agility and when you were a pup and even older, I would play the kong monster with you outside, and I’d chase you and you would grab it and run and run. I close my eyes and I can see you run right now. It’s a memory that I will cherish forever, you running and being free of any arthritis.

You, Miracle and Nana and I had so many beautiful holidays together. Christmas morning was one of my favorites, as you and Miracle would tear through your gifts and start chomping on your new bones. You were spoiled pups, and I’d have it no other way. Halloween was great as well, and over the years you were a hippopotamus, a sailor, a bee, an elephant, a skunk, a fireman, a doctor, a pumpkin, a princess, a teddy bear, Batwoman, an Uncle Sam, Wonderwoman, Cookie Monster, a sunflower, a Unicorn, a clown, a little witch, a butterfly, the Pope and a lady bug…oh how you and Miracle looked so cute decked out for Halloween! Such good pups because you never fussed.

Oh Cody, how you’re ever so missed, and it was such an honor to watch you grow old. Every Sunday evening, Nana would give you pasta, you and Miracle were our little Italian dogs. Nana was so good to you both. She bought you and Miracle your thunder shirts, and you both did wear them when it thundered out. I have kept them, and I will smell them often to smell your scent, gosh, I miss your scent, how I loved yours and Miracle’s scents. The both of you smelled so nice. When your sister passed away, the first Christmas it was just you, Nana, and me, and of course Miracle was here in our hearts, but Nana bought you Stuffy dog, and I will never forget how you cried when we opened Nana’s gift for YOU. You LOVED your Stuffy, and every other stuffed animal you ever had, you tore up, but NOT Stuffy. You loved your Stuffy and slept with him always……

I remember how you loved to get in trouble with tissues, or anything you could get your little paws on. Especially paper products, tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc. You would sneak in our bedroom and eat them, what the heck were you thinking……heehee……you were so cute, so, so cute I could eat you up. I had many names for you….Cody, “Cody Wody”, Mud Pie, Monkey, Weasel, Peacoat, Zazso, and I’d always call you my “Buddy”. You were my little “Buddy”, and always will be. You got into some trouble, but nothing major, and I remember how Miracle would ring the bell when you were in trouble, and you didn’t even care, you just did your thing.

You had the sweetest little face, and when you grew old, the gray around your face was in the shape of a heart. We got SO many compliments on your beautiful little heart shaped face. You were so loving and so caring. Through the years, with all my surgeries, and with my MS, you never left my side. You were right there no matter what. I have so many fond memories of you Cody, and you and Miracle, NEVER let me down not one time, not once. You were the best dog I could have ever asked for. You slept with me every night, and I miss so much you sleeping right along side my leg. You would get in bed, and push, push, push my legs and my body over just enough until you were comfortable, and you would fall asleep. I now sleep with Stuffy, as you and Miracle are no longer here “physically” with me, but I now you both will live on in my heart forever. We were blessed to have Dr. Brummer (Uncle Dave) as our vet; he treated you girls with such love, care, compassion and devotion. He was excellent to you both, and we’ll never find a better vet in all our journeys.

I remember how you enjoyed and loved your car rides, you girls loved them. You would stand on the ledge of the car door, and just put your head out the window and smell and smell, oh you loved to smell. That was the Beagle in you, nosey little thing you were, but your nose never failed you. Although your hearing starting going, and it was practically gone, your nose still was fully intact. When the sunlight hit you, gosh what a beautiful sight you were my baby girl. Our walks you enjoyed too, and if you had it your way on our daily walks, you would have just smelled the whole walk, and not gotten any exercise in. You were funny, and a stubborn little doggy. Again, the stubbornness had to come from the Beagle in you.

I bet Heaven is gorgeous, and Cody, the day you passed to be with Jesus, and to return home, what brought me great comfort was this. There is NO place on this earth that is better than being with Jesus. Hands down, being with Jesus is the best place you could be. It’s never our loved ones that hurt when their by Jesus’s side, it’s the ones who are left behind who hurt. But, “To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind, is NOT to Die”, and I believe that with all my heart and soul. I truly do. I know you were welcomed by your Baby Miracle right away, as I told you earlier, I seen her come to get you that fateful day, Miracle was right by your side. I know you were greeted by the King himself, and of course along with Miracle (as she came to get you), Katie, Canei, and Nana’s old boy Duke, along with Rusty. I bet your playing with them now. You have come to me in my dreams, I have had two dreams now of white feathers, and I know it’s your way of telling me, “mommy, I’m okay, I’m playing with Miracle, see you soon”, and I will see you soon my sweet Cody, for life’s journey is quick.

I miss kissing you, and talking to you, and walking with you and taking you for rides, just everything about you. I can’t wait to touch your trusting face again, and to give you kisses and hugs, and we will NEVER be separated again on the day we will be reunited. What a sweet day this will be for us. I love you so much my “Lakota Lynn”. You will be forever in our hearts.

Love you my precious Lakota,
Mommy & Nana

“Lakota Lynn” Christian 4/7/04-8/29/19


Oh Cody, my precious little agility queen
As soon as I got your equipment out, boy how you’d beam

You were so smart, so fast, so agile and a champ
For surely no one would ever think you’d need a ramp

A ramp came way later in life for you, thank God above
Cause when you were on the agility course, you soared like a dove

You won so many ribbons and conquered each agility course
You would take the agility jumps like a leaping horse

You were bright, beautiful, and like a ray of sunshine
You always were, always will be, for eternity, all mine

You knew so many tricks, and so smart to catch on quick
For every trick, I’d give you a treat, and you’d lick and lick

You were such a good dog, and loved our touch
And will always be missed ever so much

You were so loyal, so protective and so strong
For nothing you did could ever be wrong

We shared so many good times and laughs together
You by my side, there was nothing I couldn’t weather

You brought us such joy, such love such care
Us together, we were always the best, best pair

You stood so beautiful and with such pride
And when you got into something, you’d always hide

You were a classic, a joy, and an honor to watch you grow old
And on that fateful day, all I knew to do with you was gently hold

Hold you tight and let you know, Nana and I were there
For seeing you struggle we could no longer bear

You were my best friend, and I adored you so much
Oh my precious Cody, how I miss your touch

God gave us 15 beautiful years to share
When I think of your passing, my heart has a tear

You’re now back with God, where you belong
Oh how I remember how you loved your kong

I love you my Cody, with all my heart, always remember this
I can’t wait till the day we meet again to give you a big kiss

The day we meet again, will be such a delight
I will pull you close to me and hold you so tight

Remember this Cody, until we meet again, you will live on in my heart
And the day we’re reunited, we will never, ever, again be apart

Love you my baby girl,

Raelene Christian