Goodbye Daphne. You will be remembered always. You quietly buried yourself deep in our hearts. You were an amazing spirit. You took everything in stride, never complaining. You loved chicken, listening to book stories, and roaming around outside (until you became too old). Most of all, you loved Berlyn. I mean LOVED! It was as if she was the one you had been patiently waiting for.  She became your reason. You stayed by her side and slept with her most nights. You raised her well. I know she will make you proud.  Berlyn stayed with you to the end, despite her grief at losing her best friend. Do not worry, Berlyn will be ok. You were a very wise cat from a kitten to an old lady. We thank God for you.
Rest In Peace, you amazing gift from God,…then run like the wind until we meet again.

With gratitude and love, your family