Lazy by Stacey,Mitch,Amber,Grace,Kaite / Amber and Family

From the beginning she had a place in our hearts.
We had found Lazy through the animal articles in the newspaper. I was seven at the time and my two sisters were about 2 and a year at the most. So when we got to where the puppies were our hearts just went to the little gray, black, and brown Australian Shepherd! Since my sisters were too little to hold onto Lazy, she rode home sprawled out on my legs. When we got home we all stretched out on the floor with our new little family member. What were we to name her? It wasn’t too much of a hard decision at the time because she stretched out next to me and started gnawing on my hair. Lazy! We thought.

Well as she grew, she had become very protective of us, so unless she knew you there was no way you were getting into our home. She was our protector. She made sure the girls always stayed out of trouble; she would pull them by the shirt when they would get to close to a open door or if they went looking for trouble.

One year we were raising hens and one just happen to get loose, well sorry to say but that hen was no more; it became Lazy’s afternoon snack! Lazy had two litters. My momma helped deliver both.I Remember getting up in the middle of the night peeking in the door to see her have them. Your are grandpa was the exact words my mom told our father through the phone while he was at work; boy did he and his friend have a laugh. Out of the first litter only one survived because coyotes had attacked killing 8 of her pups but only leaving 3. The other two died a little later. So we named Lazy’s little girl Maggie. Lazy move three times with us. On the third move a year later Lazy died. My mom told me on the way home from school. It was hard on us, but we knew without a doubt she is in a better place.


And our hearts will never forget you!