Leachi by Tom, Genie & Joseph / Mom & Dad and all who loved you

Little girl, Leachi,

You were our first dog. We never knew for sure how old you were but it does not matter because you left us too soon. We adopted you in 1982 and sadly you left us 1989. You were such a pretty little girl and even Dad fell in love with you, and he never had a dog. You were truly his first. Even great vets couldn’t help you. You didn’t deserve to have cancer–you were much too good. I remember you loving your walks with Dad and me. Everyone would stop to say how cute you were. We miss sharing our pizzas with you.
We will meet again.

Dr. Mike speaks of you often. You were such a good patient for him. Rest in peace and
know we always loved you so much.

Love, Mom


Rest my precious little girl,
24, Sep 1989
Tom, Genie & Joseph