Lexxi by Kenny and Jodie LeMaster / Mommy and Daddy

When we first met you, you were in a cage with another Jack Russell Terrier puppy. We chose you because you were the sweeter, calmer of the two! Boy, you fooled us when it came to the calm demeanor! You must be the loudest little guy and the highest jumping pup ever, my little Lexxington! But, oh, you definitely are the sweetest.

You changed our lives, Baby Boy, and we don’t regret a second of any of it. Even though we hurt so much right now, eventually we will be able to look back on our memories of you and smile. We will always, ALWAYS love and miss you. We are thankful to you for all the love, devotion, loyalty, and joy you gave us in your all-too-short life.

Your brothers, Baylee and Bentley, miss you terribly. Thank you, Lexter, for being the best dog ever. You are with God now, and one day, we’ll all be together again – you, Bay, Bent, and us. Keep our seats warm
while you wait for us!

While you were only in our arms for eight and a half years, the love and the bond between us will live forever. We will remember all the good times (road trips and hotel stays with Mommy, wrestling and playing with Daddy, begging for peanuts, being so small yet still being able to win when you wrestled your much larger brothers, and taking up an entire king size bed by yourself) and we will thank God
for the privilege of knowing you.

There is a huge piece of our family puzzle missing now. It will never be the same without you, Lexxi. We will miss you so much. You are definitely one in a million, My Baby. You always knew how
to comfort and protect us.

We hope you know we tried everything to save you. You were a good boy all the way to the end. I told you that you could go to God if it hurt too much to fight, and you were gone just a few hours later. You waited until you had our permission, like a good boy. You will never be forgotten, never be replaced, and you will ALWAYS be loved.


With Eternal Love,
Kenny and Jodie LeMaster