Lightning/Baby by Shirley Hleck / Christa-Lee and Family

I would like to submit a letter that our daughter Christa-Lee wrote on the day that we buried Lightning/Baby.

Dear Lightning/Baby:

This is going to be one of the hardest things that I’ve had to do which is saying goodbye to you. I wanted to write this letter to you so that you will always have us by your side. Unfortunately your time had come and we had to let you go. We did this so that you would not suffer or be in any pain. When we walked into the room I could see it in your eyes and I wanted to help you so we set you free.

We have to say good-bye so that you may enter into your next life. We all loved you so much, you were not a pet you were a family member. How do I describe you its difficult but the words “forever young” come to mind. Your spirit was so lively and it kept you young like a little puppy. I knew that when we came home your unique voice was a welcome tone and we would say “Oh Baby Girls”.

From the first time I saw you I wanted you to be part of our lives. Who could resist a cinnamon and green eyed little bundle of fur? Dad somehow knew that I picked you and he said that one was going to be a handful, he could tell by the look in your eyes. Boy was he right, you were always into something but we welcomed it because you brought excitement into our lives.

You have a special place in my heart that will never change. Memories of you will keep your spirit alive within us. Some very fond memories of you are when you would stick your head under the back gate and voice your opinion to be let in. Also the unique way you would run around and play in the backyard. You loved your boat rides and we always had a laugh at you moving back and forth in the boat wondering if it would tip over. You were a faithful companion and always wanted to be near us in anything that we were doing. This was evident when we were sweeping or shoveling the backyard you would stand there and we had to go around you. This would always make us laugh. You were full of spunk, spontaneity and you always gave your all.

You are being placed on the island across from the cabin, Tootsie is already there and when the others are ready they will join you and the pack will reunite. To keep you company on your journey we have included squeaker and
your stuffed kitty.

Baby you are one of a kind and I am grateful of the time I spent with you. I have lost a friend and you a family but you are going where you will always be free and are able to run wild. I know you’re scared but take the leap and enjoy where you are free with no boundaries. Run Baby the path is wide open to your next life. A new star has been born and I will be looking for you in the sky.

Baby I miss you and it hurts but I know that you are in a good place and I hope you are at peace.

We love you never forget it.

Mom, Dad, David, Christa,
Cory, Skye, Chinook, Mya and Max


With Love,
14, Mar 2006
Shirley Hleck