Lil Bow Wow

April 13 2001 —– Aug. 14 2001

Black Lab

A little puppy that everyone

in your house loves and plays with.

You get mad at it occasionally for going to the bathroom on the floor

but none the less you fall in love with that dog right away love at first sight.

Play little games with your puppy.

Give him love and take love from him.

Buy him toys to play with

so that he does not chew on shoes or furniture.

Dogs love their masters and their masters love them and

when they pass on whether from disease

which is the way my puppy died or

from natural causes or accident don’t blame yourself.

When your little angel dies and I get another puppy right away and

don’t think of betrayal or that you are replacing your loved one

but just giving something that needs a home someplace to live.

They will never replace or take over the place in your heart.

Where the other dog is they will make their own place and

maybe fill in some of the hole in your heart and

help you to cope with the loss of and

angel sent from heaven from God to make our lives

happy and filled with excitement.

Since my puppy has died my house had seemed empty and quiet.

I am looking for another puppy.

I will never find a dog as good as Lil Bow Wow.




Lil Bow Wow