Lilith by Brent A. St. Sauver / Dad (Brent St. Sauver)

Goodbye – Too Soon

I knew one day you would have to leave.
I knew one day I would have to say goodbye.
I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

I wanted to spend so much more time with you.
I was looking forward to long walks with you.
But now I have to say goodbye to you – too soon.

I close my eyes
And I can still see the loving affection in your eyes.
I lay down to rest
And I can almost feel you pressed next to me.
I don’t want to say goodbye to you – it’s too soon.

I feel lost without you.
Incomplete without you.
Everything feels unfinished.

It’s too soon to say goodbye.
It hurts too much to let you go.
But I know it would be wrong to try and keep you here.
I know you have to move on without me.
But I can’t say goodbye – it’s still too soon.

I will carry you in my heart.
I will do all of the things we were going to do together
And you will be right there with me – in my heart.
I can’t say goodbye – it’s too soon.

So I will just let you go for now holding you in my heart,
Knowing you are waiting for me
Until it is my time to leave,
And I will see you again.
So forgive me for not saying goodbye – it’s too soon.


In loving memory of my Lilith.
7, Feb 2005
Brent A. St. Sauver