Feb. 2 1997 ——- July 2 2000

Golden Retriever

Well the story of “Lillie” coming into our life’s goes like this…..

One day I (mom) had decided to surprise my 16 yrs old daughter Mari

with a dog for her B’day. This was the late winter(Feb) of 1997.

We live in Covina Ca and had so for the last 15 yrs when as I said decided to

get my daughter a dog for her 15th B’day.

My husband was at work that day in Pomona and I decided to go pick him

up from work. Little did he know I had left home about 2 hrs earlier so

I could pay a visit to the local animal shelter.

When I walked into the shelter I had intention’s of trying to find a small dog

like a Pug or something when I walked down a aisle of larger dog’s.

In this one kennel were 4 Lab Retriever’s of every color and inside the

kennel also was this beautiful shinny big red dog who I noticed was not a Lab.

She came over to the fence and licked my hand and with those big loving eye’s

of hers begging me to get her out of that cage…I did!

She had completely captivated me with her warmness and her intelligence too.

This dog was no street walker. Someone who had this dog spent alot of money

in grooming her and training her too! She did everything I told her to do

including walked on the left side.

After we got “aquatinted” we walked back to her kennel when a worker

from the shelter said” you bought her back in time she is scheduled

to be euthanized”!!!

I said “no way” this dog is coming home with me!!!!

And she did! From that time on “Lillie” was home!

She had a new family and so did we!!!

The Gleeson Family