My kitten was only about two weeks when she died. I know I know you think it is to short of a time to bond or even she was
to young to have as a pet!
Well do you remember looking at your pet the first time? Thinking of your future? And how long you’re going to spend with your pet? I did. I’ll tell you my story of this really short time with Lily
I’ll start a few months ago………
I had wanted a kitten for my other kitten Tarzan because I thought he would like a kitten to play with. And then I went to my grandpa’s shop and well I saw a big cat and she was pregnant with kittens I named the cat Cally because she was a calico cat and I took good care of her and feed her and watered her every day.

Well the day finally came and she had her kittens four pretty kittens. Tabby kitten named Tabby and white kitten with a black dot on her head named Smuge, a Tiger kitten named Tiger and my kitten I was going to have a calico kitten LILY.

LILY was the first one to open her eyes! She opened her eyes early. And I spent a long time with them all day and I didn’t eat all my lunch so the mama cat could have a snack. (my left overs from lunch)

Well I told Lily about my kitten Tarzan and how she would love him and stories of other cats and I sang to her all the time. I told her that she was going to have a great life with me when she got older. I told her if she died I would die with her and my soul would runaway. Well I went to my grandpa’s shop June 13, 2003 and there was only three kittens in the batch and I saw Lily was gone. I yelled for her and I looked all I could I cried and cried I said “Lily come back I miss you come back come back I need you you’re my kitty don’t leave my heart! “Come back! come back” and the rest of the time I cried and yelled for her.

My parents told me that she would come back. But she didn’t. I miss her so much. It might of not been the most bond or longest but it was like you would have a child and then a person would kill it that’s what it feels like! (we think Lily died by a dog or something else)

The other kittens are ok though. I keep saying why did it have to be you Lily why! why! It feels like I have lost my whole heart! I’m crying right now sorry if I have miss spelled somethings I can’t think I’m just upset! It’s just hard with Lily gone.

I have pictures of her in my room. And My mom and dad say she’s in a better place but I thinks that’s true but why was it you Lily? Why I love so much Lily why why did it have to be her God why I miss her. I loved her you knew that! O God watch over her please please. When I die I want to see her. O Lily you’re in a good place now God going to watch over you and take care of you till I get old and die.



I miss you!
and those kisses you would give me and
your pretty blue eyes
I love you Li
Lily Anne Ware