LILY by Teesh Rayner / Teesh

I dare to dream
that this IS a dream
from which I will awaken
and realize with a sigh of relief
from the breath I have barely been able to take
that this was but a nightmare
because when I awaken
I will see you
My Lily
My angel
Right where you always are when I awaken
lying next to me in bed
in such comfort
and stretching out to say hello
ready to start a new day.

I will hug you with such joy and relief
knowing my dream….was but a nightmare.

You are not gone, you are not dead
but here with me alive and well
as always
but in reality, this hope is my dream……
and the truth is a living nightmare
for I am not asleep
nor am I dreaming.

For you are with me no longer
that is the reality
but I still dare to dream
so let me sleep
let me dream
and just MAYBE
the nightmare
has really been a dream
from which I can awaken.


With all of the love
you put in my heart, my dearest Lily,
3, Oct 2005
Teesh Rayner