Lily by The Williams Family / The Williams Family

Lily was a dwarf hamster. She lived for 4 years. Well our hamster Lily was an adorable hamster but she would bite uou. she bit me like 100 times but I didn’t care. Lily typed on the computer or tried 2 type. it was amazing. She really didn’t want 2 be bothered by any1. We all oved Lily with all our hearts. She loved exercise & but the
favorite part of the day was

1. working out on the wheel
2. eating
3. sleeping.

Lily escaped from her cage 3 times. She was in a regular hamster cage with bars but when she escaped we had 2 give her a fish tank. That was her new home. When we put her in she wondered around bumping her nose on the glass. Let me tellu she wasn’t blind she just wasn’t used 2 her cage. She starred at me with her cute little black eyes. I could tell that she was confused & I told her ” Ya know u have ben escaped 3 times in a row!! & know this is your new home. Thats what you get for being a mishchevous little hamster. I new she heard me. It really looked like she nodded “okay” to me. I was proud of her 4 taking it so well. Lily I have 2 say was the best hamster in the world even if she did bite.


We'll always Love you,
The Williams Family