Lina by Marie / Mommy will see you soon


You were brought to me by a family friend. The first time I saw you I thought you were so funny looking with your hair sticking straight out every where. And to top it off your hair was a red – orangy color with black, what a weird combination. You were so sick and your hair was falling out, my heart just ached for you.

I took you to get your shots, then to a vet to see why you were going bald. Thank God it was nothing serious. In time your hair grew and so did you. You blessed us in so many ways. The kids treated you like part of the family. Of course you got blamed for all the bad things, he he he, like when you and Carlos were covered in shaving cream. Carlos said you knocked him down and covered him in the shaving cream. That’s one I’ll never forget. Thank God I took that picture. Jazlyn still looks for you outside in the back. She comes in saying she can’t find you.

But, I know where you are. You are waiting for us to come home one day. I miss you baby, I miss you !!!


Wait for me,